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Player cooking in their home.

Cooking is a primary skill in Moonglow Bay. It is used by the player to make recipes.

Kitchen Tools[]

Action UI Directions
Wash UI.png
Move A & D to follow the marker and rinse the ingredients.
Chop UI.png
Press L when the marker is in each hit zone to chop.
(before upgrade: 1 to 3 chops, 1 cycle; after upgrade: 1 chop, 1 cycle)
Boil UI.png
Move A, W, S, & D to keep the water at the correct temperature.
  • Note: this is more difficult on a keyboard than with a controller.
Fry UI.png
Hold L and release when the marker reaches the hit zone.
Bake UI.png
Press L when the marker reaches the hit zone.
Fillet UI.png
Press L when the marker is in the green hit zone.
(2 to 4 cycles)
  • Note: to succeed you have to hit more green zones than orange ones, and without a single hit in the red zone.
  • Requires getting the Fillet Knife from the Sea Market, which is obtained after shopping at Kitchenware for the first time.

Recipe Mastery[]

There are 3 tiers of recipe mastery:

Novice Intermediate Advanced
Novice Mastery Stamp.png
Intermediate Mastery Stamp.png
Advanced Mastery Stamp.png
3 Meals 6 Meals 9 Meals

Certain locked recipes require a specific tier of mastery for another recipe to unlock. Recipe Mastery can only be increased by crafting perfectly. Once a recipe reaches Advanced Mastery, you unlock auto-crafting for it, allowing you to craft perfect meals without needing to do any of the recipe steps.

Note: Cooking in batches only counts for 1 cooked meal. Best way is to cook them separately for faster upgrades.

Cooking Help[]

How to Cook[]

Three things are required to cook a meal: a recipe, the necessary fish or seafood, and enough shells to cover the cost of the remaining ingredients.

Your kitchen will automatically stock all the non-seafood ingredients you need for each recipe.

To prepare a meal, first select the recipe and seafood ingredients. Next, attend each station around the kitchen and follow the button and analogue stick prompts to cook. Be precise! Any mistakes will decrease the meal's sale price.

Cooking Batches[]

If you have enough seafood and shells, meals can be created in batches. All applicable fish can be added to the same recipe when creating a batch.

But be careful... any mistakes when cooking will affect the quality and sale price of every meal!

Finally, keep an eye on the town's changing likes and dislikes each day. Highlighted recipes will be temporarily worth more shells, while others may be worth less.

New Recipes[]

New recipes can be discovered in a number of ways: purchased from the Sea Market, as rewards for completing certain tasks, or by Mastering existing recipes.

Recipe Mastery has three stages: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Mastering each stage requires you to cook the entire recipe perfectly a specific number of times. (Batches only count as one cook.)

Once a recipe has been Mastered to Advanced, its preparation time and complexity is greatly reduced. (As you've unlocked auto-crafting)

Cancelling Cooking[]

At any time during the cooking progress you can walk out of the kitchen to stop cooking and get a full refund of your ingredients. This is useful when trying to get 3-star dishes to unlock new recipes using rare fish.